I am, with heavy heart, moving to Virginia to be near and care for my Dad. There is the possibility that I will be able to see some Oregon clients through secure videoconferencing, but I don’t have that information just yet. Contact me in a month or so if you are interested in doing that-I also plan to add updates to this website (MyTherapistSaid.com).

I also want to give some information on searching for a new therapist.  I’d suggest checking with your insurance company (if you have insurance you plan to use) for referrals, or ask around and see who others do and don't recommend. After you have some names, I recommend looking at their websites to get a feel for who the person is. Then pick a couple or a few and schedule a consultation. See how you feel when you’re in their presence-make sure you are comfortable, and if you’re not, try someone else. If you would like my help finding a new therapist, please let me know.